Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Office.com/myaccount - How to create office account ?


  1. Along with the “Sign In” tab, “office.com/setup” displays another link to access its account creation window. In other words, search for the “Create a replacement Account” button. Now, click thereon to proceed further.
  2. The following window seeks a lively Email Address for establishing a replacement Account. Hence, enter an equivalent correctly.
  3. Along with that, it also allows you to line up the Account by using your telephone number . For this, select the “Use a telephone number instead”. Then, follow on-screen instructions. Besides that, it displays an alternative choice that says “Get a replacement email address”. In other words, you'll found out a replacement Email Account solely for this purpose. As such, choose the foremost appropriate method of making your account at “office.com/setup”.
  4. Now, click “Next”.
  5. On the subsequent window, you want to provide a “Password” for securing your Account. However, confirm to use a singular and powerful password. Moreover, it must fulfill the required criteria.
  6. Then, click “Next” to urge a Verification Email.
  7. This Email contains a “Security Code” which acts as a further layer of security.
  8. Now, attend the webpage of your Email Account. Then, log in thereto . Thereafter, mention its Inbox. then , open the e-mail received from “office.com/setup”.
  9. Next, you want to write down the given “Security Code”. Also, click on the tab that says “Verify”.
    • Following that, you want to revisit to the account creation window of “office.com/verify”.
  10. This window seeks your “Security Code” for completing the account creation process. Hence, enter an equivalent properly.
  11. Thereafter, tick mark the checkbox besides “News alerts and promotions”. this enables MS Office to send promotional Emails to you.
  12. In addition thereto , it displays links to access its “Privacy policy” and “License Agreement”. Hence, click thereon . Then, attentively read the terms.
  13. After that, click “Next”.
  14. Finally, click on the button that says “Create Account”. 

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